The stop whistle with Tod

This week’s blog post is a guest post from our colleage Åsa, from when her working labrador Tod was a young.

Here is the continuation of my description of last week’s training session – working on the stop whistle.

After having worked on heeling, Tod got to get in the water and swim. After that we worked on the “stop on walk”. This is one of my favorite exercises for the stop whistle, partly because it is so easy to work a bit on while we’re out on a walk anyway, but also because it is easy to increase the difficulty level.
I begin by letting Tod see that I have treats, making him a bit prepared that something might happen soon. I also make sure to blow the stop whistle early, when he is not so busy and not so far away from me. Then it’s all about gradually making the training more challenging by blowing the stop whistle when he’s more busy with scents on the walk, or have ended up farther away from me.

Working on heeling and the stop whistle is fun, but a little tricky.Do you want advice for your own training? If so, we recommend our online courses!


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