Lena och Tassla
Lena andTassla

Today we want to celebrate that it’s been a year since the Swedish version of the book (4 000 kg or so of it 😉 ) arrived at our doorstep. The feeling of picking up the first book was fantastic – like Christmas when you were a kid, times 24.

We had a small idea (or Elsa had the idea first – deriving from a need to put something to read in the hands of her gun dog pupils) and that small idea grew into a whole book!

To us it’s more than “just” a book. It’s probably to most fun thing we’ve done. We hope that you all get the chance to fulfill your dreams, big and small! Dare to believe in them – then others will believe in them as well!

During the year the book has ventured through the world. We’ve succesfully sold it and also sponsored field trials all over Sweden (and a few in Norway and Finland). The book is being translated into English as we speak and will hopefully be available in the US and the UK next year.

We’ve visited a few fairs and other events, held courses and received a lot of feedback from you, our readers. The feedback has made us very happy – our goal was that the book would be useeful to YOU! And you’ve told us that it has been. Furthermore, you’ve also mentioned a couple of other things that are important to us; you’ve said it’s nicely written, that it has beautiful layout and that it is easy to understand. That is so great to hear!

Elsa och Diesel
Elsa and Diesel

The book is also avaiblable as an ebook and who knows what the next project will be? A video perhaps?

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