Advent calendar day 11: Win the online course “Heelwork for gun dogs”

In our advent calendar you’ll be able to win private online sessions with Elsa Blomster or Lena Gunnarsson, our book Retrieving for All Occasions” (printed and e-book), our study guides or one of our many online courses (without feedback)! There will be a new gift every day, but some might show up twice so don’t give up if you don’t win the first time.

Today’s gift is the online course “Heelwork for gun dogs – without feedback” for you or a friend.

In this course you will learn how to start training heelwork and how to develop it with distractions and build its duration.

Read more about the course below:

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Winner day 9 – online private session with Lena Gunnarsson

The winner from day 9, online private session with Lena Gunnarsson, is Melinda Grosch who wrote “Oooooh! A very cool gift today. I would gift to my friend who has Cockers to get her started on the correct path.” Send us an e-mail at and we’ll schedule your private session!

13 thoughts on “Advent calendar day 11: Win the online course “Heelwork for gun dogs””

  1. Joy Hickenlooper

    Our golden retriever puppy would benefit so much from this course, we’ve already started to work with some of the skills from the book, but heel work is one of our big focuses! She’s been having trouble with it.

  2. My youngest toller is already 6yrs, but I want to learn more so that I can make new mistakes with my next puppy 😅

  3. Andrea Stögerer

    Please let me win this course, because I love perfect heelwork and it is so difficult to train it with fun to me

  4. Susan Nepomuceno

    Awesome, heel work is vital but the one area that i have the most difficulty. This would be helpful as my pups continue training in field work and obedience.

  5. Tove Benedicthe Jensen

    For me the heel is my worse exercise. I find it so boring and I hate to train it. So I so much hope to win this course and get some good ideas to a better and fun way to get a good heelwork.

  6. Retrieving for All Occasions

    Winner day 11 – online course “Heelwork for gundogs w/o feedback”
    Congratulations to the winner from day 11, online course “Heelwork for gundogs w/o feedback”, Dirk Meurer who wrote “I would love to win this course! IMO heel work is one of the most strong-arm training units in „traditional“ gundog training. And I definitely want to go the force free way.” Send an e-mail to and we’ll give you access to the course!

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