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Delivery to hand

Delivery to hand is a central part of our training and something we spend a lot of time training. Our definition of delivery to hand is not just the moment when the dog leaves the object in our hand, but rather from the moment the dog picks up the object, turns around, runs straight towards us. The last thing that happens in the delivery process is that the dog releases the object in our hand. In the book there’s an entire chapter about how to teach delivery to hand using clicker training where we describe how to tackle different challenges with your deliveries and how you can vary the distractions to proof your delivery to hand. In this section you can read all blog posts we’ve written about delivery to hand.

Back to basics

I claim that one can pass a novice cold game trial in Sweden through working on deliveries, steadiness and heeling (providing, naturally, that the dog is interested in hunting and will pick up game). I constantly go back to those basics, both in my own training and...

The Great Delivery Challenge

We always crack jokes regarding the saying ”You don’t need to teach a retriever to retrieve, it’s innate”. Congratulations to all that don’t need to teach their Retriever to retrieve! Sure, most Spaniels and Retrievers have parts of the retrieve hard wired, but far...

Great course weekend!

A while ago Åsa and I had an gun dog course and came back so happy! Great participants that had really developed since last time we saw them and that also made great progress during the weekend. We started with two working test stations where each participant chose...
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