And when the weather’s still bad …

It was such great fun having you all take part in the indoor training from the seven blog posts about “Things to train when the weather is bad”, that we wanted to give you some kind of bonus. 🙂

Elsa and I have decided to give a 25% discount on all our online courses and 50 % discount on the book Retrieving for All Occasions for three days – through December 31st. (Discount code at the end of the post!) Please help us spread the word!

The online courses are a bit like these blog posts. You get a number of lessons with text and videos of exercises. You can choose if you want to video your training and post it in the course forum and receive feedback – not just get cheered on like in the blog posts 😉 You’ll receive hands on, constructive feedback on what we see that you and your dog are doing, and what you in our opinion can work on. You can also choose the cheaper option of the taking the online course without specific feedback.

For those of you who want to practice deliveries, or perhaps the grab and hold, there is a great course for that. You can either take the whole course or break out smaller modules from it:

In addition, we have a course focused on the recall:

In order to get the discount on the courses, you need to enter this discount code: rfao1911jks

To buy the book with the discount, read more on this page:

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We hope to see you online! 🙂

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