Dummy throwing challenge part 2: Throwing high

We’ll begin with some inspiration on high throws / find something to throw over.

I used the aerial line in one of my fields. In the video below you’ll see how it went, or maybe didn’t go, the first time 😉 My helper and I had slightly different opinions on whether or not my throw was over it or not. From my angle they looked like they we’re over, but in the video it looks like they weren’t. Maybe they were just above the lower one? You’ll have to ignore the fact that the video is a bit shaky – my helper laughed so hard at my throws that he couldn’t hold the camera still. 😉 Anyway, ten dummies thrown is more than none and a first step in the right direction. 🙂

How has your training been going? Have you thrown your ten dummies per day? If you haven’t started yet, do it now – join our challenge and get better at throwing dummies!

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