Gun dog heeling with Tod

This week’s blog post is a guest post from our colleage Åsa, from when her working labrador Tod was a young.

We went to a completely new place this morning and had planned “fika” training (sitting down, having a snack, teaching the dog to settle), work on the stop signal and heeling, gun dog style. I filmed everything and have put together a couple of videos (the “fika” training not included, that would be a pretty boring video ?) First off is the video on the heeling. A video on working with the stop signal will follow next week.

Tod has developed nicely over the summer. We’re taking it easy and we’re still mostly working on foundation skills, but we’ve begun to add some distractions. We made today’s training quite challenging, adding several distractions such as a brand new environment and water. I wanted Tod to concentrate on me and be able to heel well before he was getting a chance to go swim, and he solved that just fine!

First, we worked on heeling along the water. He had a short leash hanging in case I needed to hold on to him for a bit, in all other respects, he was off leash.

Working on heeling and the stop whistle is fun, but a little tricky. Do you want advice for your own training? If so, we recommend our online courses!

Webinar: Heelwork

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