We believe that the more rewards we have, the better. We want to reiterate the importance of play since it offers so many possibilities. Moreover, we start most of our training sessions with play.
We want to have a dog that both immerses itself in play and plays with us in all environments. That’s why we always start incorporating play, with both puppies and adult dogs. Play is, quite simply, an unbeatable form of reward that most dogs love (or learn to love) and it’s an effective and structured way for the dog to burn off its energy. Moreover, it can set the right pace and energy level for the exercises we are teaching and it strengthens our relationship with the dog.

Here you’ll find all our blog posts about play and how we use it to teach our dogs basic skills.

The you can’t play tug with a gun dog myth #ThrowBackThursday

Not tugging with your gun dog is one of the hardest myths to kill. In the blog post below you can see how we do it - and how we teach the dog to play tug with toys and carry game with a nice, firm grip without chewing. #ThrowBackThursday...

Teaching the puppy taking, holding and releasing #ThrowBackThursday

We love the switching game! With it you can teach your dog the whole retrieve - taking, holding, bringing it back and releaseing. In the blog post below you can read more about how to use it. #ThrowBackThursday...

Say hello to Miklaus Brie!

When it is impossible to get another dog, but you still want to plan a little for the future, you have to be creative. I have been thinking about breeding and my dream is to get myself into the breeding work. I thought a lot about it with Tassla, back and forth, was a...

Qulan on another journey

Sometimes I get the question what I think is the most important to train with my puppy. Like, where should one start? I usually answer: "Start by observing your puppy." By studying how your puppy acts in a number of situations you will learn a lot about it. Certainly,...

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August 2020

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