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Steadiness is very important for all gun dogs, both in heel work, being calm by the handlers side, and after the stop signals as well as after flushing (spaniel) and pointing (pointers, setters etc). To get the dog steady is a challenge, but with clever training and good rewards everything is possible. Here you’ll find all our blog posts about steadiness and self control training with our clicker trained dogs.

Flushing light?

Tassla has acquired a new interest, in line with her heritage ;), namely birds. In the garden she has discovered that it’s really fun to run after them at full speed because they of course fly away… Thankfully we don’t have that many birds on our...

Sit, sit, sit

Above all sitting must be the most important behavior a spaniel with hunting ambitions could learn. Then I don’t just mean to sit down, but also to remain sitting – no matter what happens. And to sit and be steady is of course very important for retrievers...
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