Sometimes it’s almost magical to see how your dog stops dead in its tracks out there in a field and then turns around to face you to get more information. Wow! She heard my signal, even though she was running like crazy out there in a field filled with game and on her way to retrieve something. ?

Elsa & Diesel

But, wait a minute, it’s not magical at all. More than anything it’s a lot of hard and persistent work. First you have to put together the behavior stop with the sound of the whistle, stand or sit, move the dog at a distance with your hand signals, add distractions that the dog can see such as marked retrieves and smell such as game, then add even further distance, move the dog out in the water, and also be able to whistle again and again if needed, without the dog losing its drive.

This type of training is a lot of fun! If you give your dog a good basic training it’s usually possible to add one difficulty after another and then suddenly you can combine distractions and distances and one day the stop is there, just like that! Does that sound nice? Well, join our course where you learn the stop whistle. ? The course starts as soon as you sign up and then you have six months to finish it. We start from the beginning and then we take it further step by step, including adding distractions so if your dog already knows the stop whistle without distractions or you want to improve it we promise you several challenging exercises for that!.

The first 15 participants who sign up for the course only have to pay 105 USD (regular price is 150 USD) for the course with personal feedback and 60 USD for the course without personal feedback (regular price is 90 USD).

Read more about the course and how to sign up here:

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