Advent calendar day 3: Win the online course “Gun Dog Foundations”

In our advent calendar you’ll be able to win private online sessions with Elsa Blomster or Lena Gunnarsson, our book Retrieving for All Occasions” (printed and e-book), our study guides or one of our many online courses (without feedback)! There will be a new gift every day, but some might show up twice so don’t give up if you don’t win the first time.

Today’s gift is the online course “Gun Dog Foundations – without feedback” for you or a friend.

If you want to get off to a great start when it comes to gun dog training, this course is for you!

Read more about the course below:

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The only thing you need to do if you want to win today’s gift is to comment either in this blog post or on the post on our Facebook page and tell us why you want to win this gift! The winner will be announced two days later.

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Winner day 1 – online course Stop whistle w/o feedback

The winner of the gift from day 1, online course Stop whistle w/o feedback, is Luke Louden who wished to win the course with the following motivation “My dog loves to chase: good! Sometimes my dog chases in the direction of roads: bad! Stop Whistle training is exactly what we need.” Congratulations! Send us an e-mail at and we’ll give you access to the course!

13 thoughts on “Advent calendar day 3: Win the online course “Gun Dog Foundations””

  1. Jennifer Pivovar

    I would like to win this course because my golden Zing _really_ wants to be a gun dog. So far, although she is successful in other venues, she like field work best but we have very limited opportunity for training in our rural area. This would help us grow in our gun dog endeavours!!!

  2. This course would be a great aid to me! I’m training my first gundog (my golden retriever, Forecast) and I’ve been following ya’ll for a while because it’s such good information! I’m saving to eventually buy a class but would love to win one!

  3. Because nothing is more important than having than solid foundations (and positive ones at that). My 2 labs would be forever grateful for this.

    1. I would love this course to go back to some foundational work with my older pup who just began testing her prior commands.

  4. Nadine Neethling

    I’m very new to gundog training and have a most spectacular English Springer Spaniel. Foundations training will set us up for future success in the sport of retrieving.

  5. I am commenting because a person very dear to me has been talking about this course – they are starting their journey with gundog training and would love to take this class!

  6. I’ve got one poorly trained cocker spaniel and hope to have. New pup soon. Would be nice to do a better job on the next one.

  7. I like to do the course because the last few years I trained a lot in field trail work with my small munsterlander. After competition in spring we have to make progress in retrieving and lines all in a positve way

  8. Retrieving for All Occasions

    Winner day 3 – online course “Gun Dog Foundations”
    The winner of the gift from day 3, online course “Gun Dog Foundations”, is Mandy Dunn who wrote “Another one I’d love to win for my partner, after his young labs first season out, I think he’ll be wanting to go back over a lot of his basic and foundation skills through spring / summer training 😊🐾“. Congratulations! Send us an e-mail at and we’ll give you access to the course.

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