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On the blog we write about  the bookclicker training and our thoughts about gun dog retrieving and field trial training.

Online course: Recall according to Retrieving for All Occasions
Lena Gunnarsson

The vital recall

The better the recall my dog has, the more freedom I can give it.  It is an old truth that most of us know. But

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Blind retrieves
Elsa Blomster

Training on your walks #FTW

My students often wonder how much and when to train. I usually share my super tip: training on your walks! Occasionally, I’ll do short training

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Elsa Blomster

We need your help!

When we translated our book into English, we didn’t think it would be so difficult to spread it and our training methods as it has

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Delivery to hand
Elsa Blomster

Getting to know Keen

Now Keen has lived with me a couple of months and he has adapted very well to his new pack. There are both advantages and

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