Summarizing a great year. New puppy in the pack (Rowan), puppy course and other courses online, first prize in open class cold game test with Keen, teaching in Canada and interesting discussions. Looking forward to an exciting 2024 and visiting Canada again – teaching two weekend courses this time.

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From all of us to all of you: a very, merry Christmas!

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We have created a template which we call "Boost What You Want," where we offer you our best tips and structure for a great training plan.

Enter your email address via the below (or link in the bio) and we will email you the plan completely free of charge!​

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On the blog we write about  the bookclicker training and our thoughts about gun dog retrieving and field trial training.

Elsa Blomster

Tell us about instructors

On our link page you can see a number of instructors who do gundog training with  clicker training and/or positive reinforcement. Since positive methods (that focus on rewarding

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The opposite of flushing training; soap bubble hunting...
Puppy training
Lena Gunnarsson

Flushing light?

Tassla has acquired a new interest, in line with her heritage ;), namely birds. In the garden she has discovered that it’s really fun to

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Diesel is eager for the training to start
Calmness training
Lena Gunnarsson


Lately both Elsa and I have been working on our dogs’ eagerness. You probably recognize how easily a dog one day (seemingly suddenly) is far

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Elsa Blomster

Flamingo walk

When I was in England visiting Phillippa Williams last summer ( we got to try a slightly different way of training heelwork. Simply put we

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The book
Lena Gunnarsson


Today we want to celebrate that it’s been a year since the Swedish version of the book (4 000 kg or so of it 😉

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Delivery to hand
Elsa Blomster

Come to me to play!

We start all our training while playing (and in the book all practical chapters start with a section of how to start all learning by

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Lena Gunnarsson

Sit, sit, sit

Above all sitting must be the most important behavior a spaniel with hunting ambitions could learn. Then I don’t just mean to sit down, but

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