We call ourselves clicker trainers or reward based trainers, but there are many different variations of training methods and different ways to express it. Positive training, traditional training, balanced training, and resource-based training are other variations you may hear. But what does it mean? And why is it important to keep track of it?

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Say hello to Rowan! (Sea-Croft Rowan) I’m so excited that he’s finally here with us 😍

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Do you want to learn how to use reward based training effectively to train you gun dog puppy? How to get your puppy to deliver its treasures to you and to enjoy following you? Join Elsa Blomster, author of the book Retrieving for All Occasions – Foundations for Excellence in Gun Dog Training, in this free webinar and she'll tell you just how to do that!

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On the blog we write about  the bookclicker training and our thoughts about gun dog retrieving and field trial training.

Blind retrieves
Elsa Blomster

Walk up

When we were in England at a summercamp with Dogs for life and Philippa Williams a couple of years ago we did a lot of 

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Field trials
Elsa Blomster

The Journey Or the Destination?

Information, information and information. That is what I gather from trialing and training. Sometimes that information is easily digested – ”no surprises there, we simply

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Blind retrieves
Elsa Blomster

Do as I Say! (casting)

To work with independent dogs   Diesel is a very independent dog, and I have to work hard to convince her that it actually pays

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Delivery to hand
Lena Gunnarsson

Water trial with Quling

Quling has made his debut trialling today in a water trial for Spaniels. Passing the water trial is a prerequisite for going on to open

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