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On the blog we write about  the bookclicker training and our thoughts about gun dog retrieving and field trial training.

Advent Calendar 2020
Elsa Blomster

Advent calendar

To light up the dark and cold December (at least here in Sweden 😉 ) we’re going to have an Advent calendar! We’re doing it

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Lena Gunnarsson


Sometimes it’s almost magical to see how your dog stops dead in its tracks out there in a field and then turns around to face

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Learning Together

Since last summer I have spent three weekends in Denmark and held a course for instructors who want to learn more so that they can

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Hunting and quartering
Lena Gunnarsson

An excellent game finder

Tassla is becoming an increasingly more experienced hunting dog, and therefore I am able to take it more and more easy as a dog handler

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Lena Gunnarsson

Total Recall

Do you recognize this: Would you rather recognize this? Recall is both fun and sometimes difficult – we also want to claim that it is

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Puppy training
Lena Gunnarsson

Can it be too easy?

When Tassla was a puppy I didn’t know that much about hunting with spaniels. I did a lot of obedience training at that time, but

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