Do you want your dog to follow you?

Something we get a lot of questions about and spend a lot of time training ourselves is heelwork. When we’re out walking or when we’re hunting we want our dogs to be able to walk by our side without us having to watch them all the time – we need to be able to focus on the surroundings and what’s happening there. Do you want your dog to be able to do that as well? Then we’ve got some great news to share with you! 

We’ve just released a new online course focusing just on heelwork! We’ll cover all aspects of the heelwork – from getting into your side, the first few steps to adding distractions and how to train so that your heelwork will work in all situations – in your everyday life or if your out hunting!

As usual you can sign up for the course with or without personal feedback. At the moment you can buy the course with feedback for just 105 USD and without feedback for 60 USD, but there’s just 15 early bird spots available on each course, so hurry up with your registration!

Do you want more training advice on how to improve your heelwork? Check out our new online course on heelwork!

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