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Here you’ll find the blog posts that don’t fit into the other categories, or that might fit in all categories :) The book, clicker training and our thoughts on gun dog retrieving will be recurring subjects.

The Past Year – Big and Small Things

Everyone who train dogs should do their own yearly summary! Looking in the rearview mirror can really be delightful – or at least informative. What did we do, how did it go, what happened, how did it feel then and how does it feel now? At Klickerförlaget (our...

Film from gun dog show at Crufts

Philippa Williams is a very skilled British trainer who trains gun dogs using positive reinforcement. Philippa has also written the preface for the UK version of the book, something we’re very pleased about. Every year she has a show at Crufts, the large dog show in...

New web page!

Welcome to our new web page! this page is about or book, Retrieving for All Occasions.  The book is about gun dog training with clicker and has sold over 1000 copies in Sweden during the last six months (keep in mind that the Swedish market is fairly small, we...
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