Here you’ll find the blog posts that don’t fit into the other categories, or that might fit in all categories 🙂 The book, clicker training and our thoughts on gun dog retrieving will be recurring subjects.

The story of a remote-controlled dummy launcher

A few years ago, I bought a remote-controlled dummy launcher with four dummies. It is quite large and unwieldy, so I haven't used it that much and haven't had the need to use it for a long time. A couple of weeks ago, however, I realized that I could benefit...

Train your dog with the scent of game as a distraction

A while ago I was in Finland a week with my dogs Quling and Tassla and visited Tassla’s breeder Anne. We hunted, ate good food, spent time together, and we also trained our dogs, of course. About fifty yards away from the house Anne has a huge rabbit enclosure. When I...

When you should lie on the couch and eat chocolates

Last year, I went on a hare hunt with a friend on an estate, where the grounds were filled with pheasants. So, we take our dogs and our shotguns, and, in a happy mood, we walk right into the fields. I am full of expectation, even more than usual, because I am there...

When the foundation is weak and slightly cracked

A while ago I attended an agility course with Fanny Gott with both Tassla and Quling - good and fun training in every way. Agility is really good for the collaboration between dog and handler, and a fun sport to dabble in when it is not hunting season.;) I am a...
Piece of Cake

Piece of Cake

It took almost six months before the day came when Flippa did not listen to the recall whistle, but simply ran in the...

New web page!

Welcome to our new web page! this page is about or book, Retrieving for All Occasions.  The book is about gun dog...

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September 2020

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