Day 1: Heelwork challenge!

Heelwork is something that a lot of people struggle with. It requires a lot of training and focus to become good. Therefore, I’m going to have a heelwork challenge in the coming weeks (until the end of February)! I will post a heelwork advice every day – and also train heelwork myself every day.

Join me! The one who’s got the most heelwork training sessions on February 28th – no matter what part of the heelwork you’ve trained, only you’ve trained it – gets a free online private lesson with me, in addition to a much better heelwork 🙂

Write in the comment field here on the website or on our Facebook page no later than March 1st, 23:59 to participate in the competition! And of course I will be happy if you comment on the posts before that, ask questions or just encourage yourself and others in the heelwork training by participating in the discussion!

Today’s exercise

  • Decide to join the challenge – comment here on the webpage or on our Facebook page to join. (You can join the challenge anytime before 1 mars 2019 kl 23:59 GMT+2). Every day at 00:01 GMT+2 until February 28th a new blog post with training tips will be posted here on the webpage.
  • If you want to you can subscribe to the posts so you get an email everytime there’s a new post. Just enter your email address in the form further down on this page.
  • Train heelwork at least once.
  • During the remaining days of February – aim for at least one heelwork session every day. Train what you and your dog need – it doesn’t have to be the training in the blog post of the day.
  • Note how many sessions and minutes of heelwork you do (By the end of February you’ll get information on how to report to us how much you’ve been training)
  • Encourage yourself and others by commenting on the posts on our website and/or Facebook page.

Want to improve your heelwork even more? Check out our online courses and webinar on heelwork!

64 thoughts on “Day 1: Heelwork challenge!”

  1. I have an 11 math old working cocker spaniel, he’s fairly good walking to heel on lead unless there’s distraction, walking to heal off lead I have to constantly remind him verbally where he should be. Any help would be terrific.

  2. Hi,
    I follow your site alter having bought your book. Currently our dog is now old. Very well behaved but not a good heel work. As we hope another retriever for this summer, I will be pleased to try your exercises and to memorize them for the next dog! Thanks


  3. Definitely going to do this with my younger (3 of them) Chessies 🙂 The older boys are pretty good (and 8 and 12). The youngest of the participants is an 8 month old boy…. this should be fun!

  4. I have an 8 year-old Irish Water Spaniel who heels, and a 10 month-old Irish Water Spaniel who spends most of our heeling practice in mid-air! I’m looking forward to following your advice.

  5. I have a 11 month old Toller girl. She’s doing very well in loose leash walking, but we have not yet been training heelwork very much.
    Now we have startet at some gundog training, so heelwork training is a must now, so I Will welcome this challence and is looking forward to some grelt tips

  6. Wow — this is fantastic. I am very pumped — as is my dog. We do try to do some heeling everyday. Are you thinking indoors or out or wherever? We expect a foot of snow tomorrow!

    1. You could do it indoors or outdoors depending on what suits you! If you’ve got that much snow I’d recommend indoors 😉 I’ll post some tips on training that can be done both indoors and outdoors.

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