Recall training is very important for all dogs. A good recall is a life line for your dog, and something that enables it to get more and more freedom. Using clicker training to teach and train the recall is very efficient and fun. In our recall training, we focus on what we want the dog to do (keeping an eye on us, staying close to us on walks, coming back to us when something unexpected happens and coming to us when being called) and reward the dog a lot for that. We never stop rewarding our dogs for the recall since it is so important. However, we do vary the rewards a lot so that the dog doesn’t know what will happen – only that something fun will happen when it comes to us.

Here you will find all our blog posts on recall training.

By popular demand: recall training

We received an e-mail asking us to write something about recall training, so here are our thoughts on recall. Recall is something where I believe one should focus on several different aspects at the same time. I teach the dog to: 1. Keep an eye on ME when off leash2....
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