Day 11: Duration

Many dogs are happy to walk properly for a while, but then they get tired. The heelwork is something that needs to last for quite some time, so it is important to build duration early. With eager dogs I think the “dull heelwork” is a very good foundation, but even with them I train duration by rewarding from my hand. Dogs that are not as eager to walk to heel often need to be motivated by something other than just being allowed to walk forward and then I make sure to have as good rewards as they need to work (= walk by my side).

Remember to practice duration in different environments – and for extra training for yourself, preferably carry a baby at the same time. 😉

Today’s exercise

  • Find out which method to increase duration that suits you the best.
  • Train heelwork at least once. (Note how many sessions and minutes of heelwork you do. Train what you and your dog need – it doesn’t have to be the training in the blog post of the day.)
  • Feel free to tell us and others about your training by commenting on the posts on our website and/or Facebook page.
  • If you haven’t participated in the challenge from the start, read here to find out how it works: Day 1: Heelwork challenge.
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4 thoughts on “Day 11: Duration”

  1. like the idea of how to increase the number of steps before rewarding.

    By endurance I think we usually call this duration and interference would be distractions?

    1. Yes, in some cases I agree that duration and endurance are the same, but in others I see a difference between them. Duration for me is just adding time/walk further, but endurance is combining both duration and distractions. (which means that in this blog post it could just as well have been called duration instead because that’s just what this blog post is about). It should definately be distractions and not interference – I’ll change that.

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