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Puppy training

Dogs learn all the time and from day one when we get our puppy we make sure that it learns what we want it to. Puppy training is so much fun and with clicker training we can start training the puppy right from the start. In this category you’ll find all our blog posts on puppy training.

Resource guarding

Seeker is now seven months old and he’s an amazingly cuddly dog that’s fun and challanging to train. A part from foundation training for future important gun dog behaviours we’ve also worked on just hanging around in our every day life. One thing...

Puppy frenzy!

Summer is here and puppies are born everywhere. The best part is that our “pack” at Klickerförlaget will get two new members!  Åsa Davidsson, our instructor colleague, went to England to pick up a black Labrador boy a month ago. Meet Castleman’s...

Working with game

In Retrieving For All Occasions we describe many ways to get the dog used to game. I won’t cover them all here (you get to read the book J), and it’s also Elsa who’s by far the most experienced in getting dogs used to game through all the clients she works with. There...

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