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To get the dog to stop when it’s busy doing what it enjoys the the most – hunting – can be very difficult, but it can be done! Here you’ll find all our blog posts about how we clicker train our dogs to get very good “brakes” – namely to stop at the stop whistle or the stop command. The stop whistle for spaniels means that the dog stops; standing, sitting or laying down. The spaniel doesn’t have to look at you, but if it does it facilitates directing it to find the retrieve. If it looks forward (where the game landed) it will be easier for it to retrieve the game since it then more easily will remember where it landed. The stop whistle for a retriever means that the dog should stop and look at you, standing or sitting (or laying down, but that’s not very convenient because the dog won’t see you as good then).


Sometimes it's almost magical to see how your dog stops dead in its tracks out there in a field and then turns around to face you to get more information. Wow! She heard my signal, even though she was running like crazy out there in a field filled with game and on her...

Train one thing at a time

I continue my journey through the archives and found this training session with Tassla when she was quite young. The other day I was out in the meadow training with Tassla. I placed Tassla on her pause station, a blanket by my backpack, walked out a bit and threw...

Stopping and holding an area

I found some notes I made from a training session with Quling a while ago and thought I’d share them with you. I have gone from the first basic exercises for holding an area to the next step. Quling and I haven't worked on holding an area much but got back into...

Casting is so much fun!

Besides the actual hunting with a spaniel - which when it flows is an experience that's hard to beat - I really enjoy working on casting. I think I enjoy it so much because it's possible to vary that training indefinitely. It's just one's own imagination that puts an...
July 2021

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Online course: Recall according to Retrieving for All Occasions
Online course: Recall according to Retrieving for All Occasions
Online course: Recall according to Retrieving for All Occasions
Puppy training
Puppy training
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