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The heel work is very important for both retrievers and spaniels, even though the retriever is required to have a more exact heeling position than the spaniel. The aim is that the dog follows the handler, without the handler having to focus on the dog. We start the heel work training as soon as we can with our puppies and on this page you’ll find all our blog posts on the subject.

New online courses – advanced casting and holding an area!

In these strange times we've switched a lot of our focus to offering more online courses and we're now happy to present two more - advanced casting and holding an area! As usual you can choose between courses with or without personal feedback. Enjoy! Early bird...

Do you want your dog to follow you?

Something we get a lot of questions about and spend a lot of time training ourselves is heelwork. When we're out walking or when we're hunting we want our dogs to be able to walk by our side without us having to watch them all the time - we need to be able to focus on...

Our Goal: to Hunt Together!

A while ago I ended the course “From Dummies to Warm Game” which I have been attending for the instructor Jens Palmqvist at “Line Up Gundogs” during a whole year. Lena was there during the course as well, almost every time, as a babysitter and sometimes bringing...

7 things to work on when the weather is bad! Day 5: Getting into heel position

While we’re on the subjects of targets (yesterday’s topic was platforms), let’s take a look at training with a block or a small stool. The purpose of this exercise is for the dog to like to hang out by my left side, but first and foremost to easily be able to COME TO...
Gun dog heeling with Tod

Gun dog heeling with Tod

This week's blog post is a guest post from our colleage Åsa, from when her working labrador Tod was a young. We went...

Flamingo walk

Flamingo walk

When I was in England visiting Phillippa Williams last summer (www.dogsforlife.co.uk) we got to try a slightly...

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January 2021

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